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Free McBoot Memory Card - Metallic Clear Silver Hori - PS2

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Free Mcboot - For PS2
McBoot version 1.953 (Always newest version released)
Unlock additional features from your PS2
Boot Homebrew apps, games and more
Completely custom install (App list below)
Compatible with all fat and slimline versions of the Playstation 2
excluding the Slim SCPH-9xxxxx models.
App List
uLaunchELF - Used to manage memory card data/apps and launch .ELF files.
ESR Disc Launcher - Plays game discs patched with "ESR Patcher" on DVD format from any Region without disc swapping.
OPL - Best software for loading from Hard-drive, Network or USB stick.
Snes Station - SNES Emulator (no games included)
TempGBA - Gameboy Advance Emulator (no games included)
Additional space left to add more apps you find online


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