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Resident Evil 1 GBC

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Resident Evil 1 GBC Resident Evil 1 GBC Resident Evil 1 GBC Resident Evil 1 GBC
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Resident Evil 1 Beta Reproduction Game Cartridge:

The Game Boy Color Resident Evil was an ambitious attempt to port the very popular game to the portable system. Capcom announced the port in 1999, but the release date was later pushed into 2000 before the game was eventually canned and replaced with Resident Evil Gaiden.

In 2012, two prototype builds were released: one about 90% complete with some minor bugs, and one earlier in development with only Chris' story available. Also, zombies apparently kneel when they die in either version (as zombie death sprites were part of the last 10% to be programmed when they canned the game).

Comes with Box, insert & manual.

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