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About Us

We Produce Reproduction games, manuals and boxes for retro game systems.

This is a "Made-to-order" service so please expect processing time before dispatch.

Processing time depends on size of order but even large orders can be produced in as little as 7-10 business days before dispatch.

Below you can find detail about how we produce each product on our website.

Disc Details:
We Use CD-R Discs for our reproductions. They are the highest quality CD-R available with full face gloss artwork printed directly onto the disc.
Dreamcast notes: Our Dreamcast games are fine tuned for CD-R use so there is minimal effort on the laser (Disc files organised perfectly)
Sega CD/Mega CD notes: None of the Sega/Mega-CD reproductions on this site are region free, Region is set according to the country you have ordered from, if you require a specific region please leave a comment in the order.
Dreamcast games come in standard clear jewel cases
Double disc Dreamcast games: They come in a standard jewlcase with a "swing tray" so two discs can be inserted
3+ Disc games Dreamcast. This will depend on the game title. You may get a "Three way" Jewel case or multipul "Swing tray" cases. Pictures will show this.
Sega CD - We use High quality duel DVD cases(Clear). Nice and flexable plastic, not the cheep rigid ones (Single thickness)
Mega CD - We use original Style cases (Brand new)
All other disc systems are currently provided with standard jewel cases or "Swing tray" jewel cases for double disc games.
Replacement Box Details:
We use a Medium grade white card stock (in Thickness) it is then laser printed and Roll laminated for extra firmness, strength and for that nice gloss finnish. Barcodes removed, Repro tags added.
We use a Paper cutter for strait edges.
Replacement Manual Details:
We use a high quality fine gloss paper stock. It is then laser printed, cut and stapled. Once stapled we also do a final edge trim to ensure a "squared edge" all around the manual.
We use a paper cutter for all strait edges.
Cartridge Details:
All Cartridges on this site are 100% new with no donor cartridges used. Stickers are Gloss laminated and cut to shape using our paper cutter.
(We dont send wonky stickers, we make sure they sit nice before allowing them to be sold)
All Items are Made-to-order to ensure we remain in stock.
No refunds are issued once orders are placed as they are made specially for you on order.
Items damaged in post will be replaced, if this happens to you please send us a picture link and we will get replacements processed right away ( is a good site to upload your picture - The contact page has no uploading capability)
We do not take kindly to fraudulent orders and will take every action in our power to ensure stability of our website, reputation and payment accounts. 
We retain the right to deny service to anyone, at any time for any reason.
If we think fraudulent action may be taking place we will return the funds and deny service.
Due to recent scam activity on this website we will be blocking various regions of the world from purchase. We appologise greatly for this but the problem has become too much of a hassle and risk to the site and its payment gateways. We appologise to anyone this effects.
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